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Vote for FriDUCKahlo!

Vote here for F'n K Tacos!

The taco shop couldn't be opening at a more fun time in Rockford! The summer is just about to begin. The city is full of that energy that can only be found after a long Michigan winter, when the temperature starts to hit 70 every day and the sun is out! That means it's almost time for the Start of Summer Celebration and the Big Daddy Duck Race.

F'n K Tacos understood the assignment.

Introducing F'n K Taco's first ever entry, Ms. FriDUCKahlo. We think her namesake, Frida Kahlo, would approve. If you agree, cast your vote for F'n K Tacos! You can vote up to 5 times every day, so help F'n K Tacos knock it out of the park for our first ever Big Daddy Duck Race, Most Popular Duck!

And check out all the other super creative ducks. Frank is partial to ROGUE VALLEY VETERINARY HOSPITAL's entry (coincidentally our awesome veterinarian), the Chewbacca Duck. So Frank. Kaitlin is split between POUR-D's Starry Night nod to van Gough (I love that little tea shop and gallery) and JH NICHOLSON INC's Elmer Fudd nod to the classic Wabbit Season/Duck Season. So Kaitlin to equally like opposites.

Of course, FriDUCKahlo is their most favorite. She saw the Big Daddy Duck and now she's really dreaming of making a good showing! So help her out!

Vote for F'n K Tacos!

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