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F'n K Tacos is New Business of the Year! (and more)

It's been a whirlwind first full calendar year in business and we're thrilled with how 2023 wrapped.

We won New Business of the Year in Rockford, a Business of Distinction Award, given by the Rockford Chamber of Commerce as voted by its members. No better sign that our efforts to add to this incredible community are recognized, appreciated, and making an impact. (*It was a 1980's themed party and as you can see, we channeled our Brat Pack heroes.)

We were one of only 6 finalists in Grand Rapids Magazine's Best of Grand Rapids for Best Tacos! Winners to be announced in the spring, but being the only brand new taco-centric business included among some very recognizable names, in just our first full year of business, is a big accomplishment!

On top of that, we were named one of your Top 12 favorite taco spots in Grand Rapids by Experience Grand Rapids at the end of November! What an honor it was to earn this recognition to kick off what felt like a subsequent domino effect of acknowledgment as we closed out the year.

We just keep moving forward and have hardly paused to look back at all we did in 2023, so here's a short list, in no particular order. (Let us know in the comments if we forgot anything, lol.)

  • We celebrated our first year at 110 Courtland & our first year of business here in West Michigan!

  • We welcomed five new team members to the taco crew with Olivia, Aden, Josefina, Sofi, and Arsenia!

  • We added fresh guacamole, made daily, to our menu!

  • We produced the first ever annual Cinco de Mayo celebration in Rockford and had an unexpectedly huge turnout for this Block Party!

  • We welcomed our second fur baby, our Frenchie and mascot to the mascot, Carnitas!

  • We expanded seating on the back patio, adding tables and chairs and installing an awning (and a heated enclosure for the colder months)!

  • We celebrated the first anniversaries of five team members: Oakley, Skyler, Gavi, Parker, and Aidan!

  • Kaitlin (the K) was one of four women highlighted for Women's Equality Day by Wolverine Boots and Apparel!

  • We started offering breakfast burritos and opening early on Saturday mornings! (Which we'll continue starting this spring...)

  • We introduced the Pork Belly Taco, 2 different Shrimp Tacos, the Quesa Loaded Potato, and other new specials!

  • We brought you tamales for the holidays!

And yes, it's just us, Frank 'n Kaitlin (and team), pushing this dream forward and keeping our sights on what comes next. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who supports us, dines with us, cheers for us, and motivates us to keep going! It's going to be an incredible 2024!

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Frank, congratulations on all your success! I'll let you know when we schedule our taco road trip this summer. 😀

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Ken Sidley
Ken Sidley
30 Ιαν

We who had the opportunity to work with Frank in the printing business at George Rice

and Sons in Los Angeles, knew he would be successful just by watching his commitment and work ethic. Congratulations Frank.

Ken Sidley

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