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Some good news, some bad news

We have good news and bad news, as they say. We'll start with the bad news and just rip off the bandaid. If you follow us or have passed the shop lately you noticed we still aren't open. We missed our target date of June 1, not for lack of trying. If you've ever moved, then you know this feeling. You get down to the "end," thinking you only have a few more boxes to pack, but then you find yourself packing box after box with things that seemingly appear out of thin air. That's what we feel like right now.

People keep asking us when we're opening and the fact is we don't have a date. But all signs point to very soon! All of our paperwork is with the powers that be and we're just literally waiting for inspections and approvals now. As soon as we get that wrapped up, we'll be making tacos for you! We are planning an official grand opening, but that will most likely take place after we soft launch this month. Don't worry, we'll keep updates coming as soon as we know anything.

So now for some good news. The last of the really messy interior work was done this week, when Andrew from Rock Armor brought his dad in to help him polish our concrete countertop. If you walked past the shop around Memorial Day you probably noticed the endless tarps hanging and draping our equipment, special thanks to Kaitlin's brother and their friend. That was to prepare for the finishing of the countertop because we knew it would probably be a dirty job. Man, were we right! So much dust, but so worth it! Andrew did an awesome job both on our terrazzo floors and the countertop. If you need concrete or stone work done, we can't recommend him enough. (He's also the one who did the awesome blue concrete floors at Fido & Stitch!)

More good news, we got our sign up! We have an upgrade planned already, but we cannot thank the team at Icon Sign Company enough (especially Samantha & Josh) for rushing this job and knocking it out of the park. We're so pleased and grateful. They even did a fun interior sign in homage to Kaitlin's dad who coined the phrase "Get in Line" because when we first launched in 2017 at a big festival, we had the longest line. There were constantly 50-70 people. They came back for seconds and thirds and more, waiting in the hot sun for one of Frank's tacos, until we were out. We made 700 that day. And we knew when it was over that we had something special.

This week we also had the fire suppression test, which was exciting (and loud). Everything checked out, which is all that matters. We finished our entry for the Big Daddy Duck race next weekend (that will get its own post). And we're really close to finishing the back patio, again, thanks to Kaitlin's dad.

Without our family and friends we couldn't do this. And the local businesses we've partnered with, wow! What a stellar community we get to call home and have around us. To those who have supported us physically, verbally, and emotionally (and still are), our deepest gratitude. We're so very close. Keep your fingers crossed for us that the approvals and paperwork go through without a hitch!

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1 Comment

Amy Barnes
Amy Barnes
Jun 15, 2022

Can one be delighted yet disheartened at the same time? We are fans of yours so we won’t let our loss overshadow Michigan’s gain.

We’re in the queue to applaud your success.

Save our spot to acknowledge your tenacity, your courage and your commitment to each other.

We’ll need to do some serious RnD – the menu looks fabulous.

Until we return to Michigan, there’s nothing to do but “Get In Line.”

All our love!

Amy & Jeffrey

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