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Long Time No See

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Change has seemed constant for us these past 4 years. Here's the CliffNotes.

I was diagnosed with MS in July 2018 so we pulled back from doing taco pop-ups to focus on my health. (I'm doing great now and you wouldn't know I have MS unless I told you.) I cut out gluten, dairy & soy from my diet and Frank has gotten more comfortable cooking to accommodate my needs, making tacos, taquitos, soups, and many other things we want to serve in a way that works for me and so many others.

We sold our home on California's Central Coast in March 2020 and made the move across the country to Michigan by April. (Fun fact, we celebrated our 4th anniversary at the Baymont by Wyndham in Rolla, Missouri with a delicious bottle of wine from The Hideaway Los Olivos and some charcuterie -- it was memorable for sure.)

We've since made our home in Rockford, just to the north of Grand Rapids, and we've never stopped keeping an eye out for just the right place to re-launch F'nK Tacos. We think we might have found it! More to come VERY soon on that.

But here's a quick look back at our move across the country before we move forward into our next chapter. Our family is clearly excited to have us (and Frank's cooking) here now.

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