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want to join the team?

We're small. Cultivating a team with shared values is critical. Want to join us? Make sure it's a fit for you.

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Our Core Values

We value Authenticity, in people and in food.


We lead with confident humility.


We keep the faith and see everything as opportunity.


We work hard and we make it fun!


We put family first, always.


We care. 



To be the go-to destination in Michigan for a West-Coast style, flavorful, and fun taco experience.

To be a leader in commitment to authenticity and creating an atmosphere where all people feel welcomed and part of the family.

Our humble confidence will set us apart, as we continuously learn and adapt to provide the best possible service and quality.

From our ingredients to our customer interactions, we will care about it all.

Through our hard work and fun-loving approach, we aim to foster a sense of joy and connection within our team and with every customer we serve.


Ultimately, our small taco shop will be a place where people come together, indulge in delicious food, and feel like part of a family. 

F'n K Tacos Team
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