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Here's what we need from you:

You're motivated, experienced, and you LOVE tacos. You like working in a fast-paced environment and know how to have fun while staying productive. You're friendly and engaging, representing the business with authenticity and humble pride. The ideal candidate will be responsible for supporting Frank with all things food. That includes prepping all the food, from the meats to the toppings in the cold bar, fulfilling orders, taking inventory and placing orders, checking in orders and keeping stock organized, and keeping the kitchen area clean and orderly.


This position will require someone who is able to support the front-of-house where needed but is primarily focused on running the back-of-house as Frank's right hand.


Here’s what you’ll get from us:

First, you'll be working in the best small town there is, with a fun team and incredible customers. Aside from fair pay, a flexible schedule, and straightforward work, you'll get training and support directly from the business owners, Frank and Kaitlin. They offer transparency into the business including insight into what it took to start the business, costs, margins, financial data, HR protocol and legalities, old-school marketing, digital marketing, and sales. Dream of having your own place someday? Get a leg up. Ask us anything.


Frank is always on-site, but hopes adding the right person to the team will allow him more flexibility when he needs to do things outside of the taco shop. He makes everything in-house except for the tortilla chips; no ingredients are pre-made, pre-packaged, or canned. Frank will teach you what it takes to make incredible tacos. He’s inspired by carrying the torch his parents’ lit when running their Mexican restaurant in Pomona, California for decades during his childhood. With extensive experience in sales, printing, and packaging, he understands this industry at a very deep level.

Kaitlin works from their home in Rockford as the Senior Manager of Marketing Operations for a digital marketing agency based in California. She is onsite at the taco shop when she's able, including every Saturday. Focusing on front-of-house operations, service, and marketing, she brings more than 20 years of experience managing small businesses in Chicago, NYC, and on the Central Coast of California. 

There's opportunity for growth for the right person. You must take part ownership of your success. What you give, you'll get back ten-fold.



  • Assist Frank in menu planning, recipe development, and food costing.

  • Stay updated on industry trends, new cooking techniques, and ingredients to bring innovation to the menu.

  • Collaborate with Frank to create and implement new dishes, specials, and seasonal menus.

  • Oversee food preparation, ensuring high quality, consistency, and adherence to standardized recipes.

  • Monitor inventory levels, order ingredients, and maintain proper stock rotation to minimize waste.

  • Assist in managing kitchen costs, portion control, and waste reduction initiatives.

  • Conduct regular kitchen inventory and assist with placing orders to maintain optimal stock levels.

  • Ensure compliance with food safety and sanitation standards, conducting regular inspections and training staff on proper procedures.

  • Maintain a clean and organized kitchen, following strict hygiene practices and overseeing equipment maintenance.

  • Assist in training and coaching kitchen staff on safety procedures, cooking techniques, and efficiency.

  • Support the development and implementation of standard operating procedures (SOPs) to streamline kitchen operations.

  • Supervise and train the team in the kitchen, providing guidance and support to enhance their culinary skills.

  • Coordinate and expedite food orders to ensure timely service and customer satisfaction.

  • Collaborate with the front-of-house team to ensure smooth communication and seamless service flow.

  • Foster a positive and collaborative work environment, promoting teamwork, morale, and professional growth among the kitchen staff.



  • High school diploma and 2+ years of hands-on work experience in a similar fast-paced, back-of-house role

  • Experience in a supervisory or leadership role preferred

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills required

  • Ability to multitask and work efficiently in a fast-paced environment

  • Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills

  • Ability to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends

  • Basic computer skills, including experience with point-of-sale systems and inventory management software


This could be the right place for you if you possess a genuine passion for food and have a natural inclination for guiding teams towards success. If you thrive in a small team environment and have relevant experience in the food industry, we invite you to apply!

How to Apply:

Submit your cover letter and résumé to us at the taco shop at 110 Courtland St. in downtown Rockford, or email it with subject "Sous Chef Application" to be considered.

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